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Parting message from the past SAIGE Chair, Danny Garceau….

January 15, 2013Loriblog
Danny Garceau

Danny Garceau

  10 Years ago I was just learning about an organization called SAIGE.  5 years ago with the encouragement and support of some of its leadership I became a member of the board.  4 years ago, again with encouragement and support I was elected Chairman.  Now it’s time to turn over the Chair.      

I wanted to thank all of the board members I have served with the last 4 years.  Your support, guidance, patience and efforts have meant so much to me.  You have all brought something to the table and made sacrifices on behalf of SAIGE.  I have greatly valued your input and cannot thank you enough both from me and on behalf of SAIGE.  Any credit that has been given to me is truly the reflection of all of you.  SAIGE has always been a special and needed organization; over the past four years we have established and built relationships, increased membership, we have added agencies and other organizations to our network, all which has increased our relevance.      

For the new SAIGE Board, thank you for volunteering to be involved with the evolvement of SAIGE.  As you help with that evolvement it will be important to never forget why there is a SAIGE.  You have plenty of work ahead, including growing membership, broadening our network and increasing our worth to membership and partners.  While serving on the board please stay responsive and involved, you all bring experience and have unique backgrounds which add to a needed fabric.  Keep open minds and don’t be afraid to play the advocate or have a different opinion.  We have a diverse membership and having diversity in thought on the board will best represent them.  Again thank you all for what you have done and what will do; for SAIGE, for Indian Country, for our governments.      

Over the past 10 years I have grown and became rich in experiences and friendships.  I would be remiss if I did not thank each and every one of you whose path I have crossed, Miigwech “thank you.”  We do not have a word for goodbye amongst the Annishinabeg as we believe our paths will always cross.  This is very true with me, I will stay involved with SAIGE, I consider it one of my families.  So with that I say, “Giga-waabamin menawaa”, till I see you again.

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