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Established in 1994, the National Coalition for Equity in Public Service (NCEPS) is a joint initiative of leading national organizations that promote the participation and advancement of minority and women managers and employees in the Federal Government.

NCEPS is composed of the elected officers of the following organizations:

• Blacks in Government (BIG)
• Federally Employed Women (FEW)
• Federal Asian Pacific American Council (FAPAC)
• Hispanic National Image (Image)
• Society of American Indian Government Employees (SAIGE)

NCEPS jointly monitors and represents minorities and women on such issues as equal employement opportunity policies and practices, implementation of the No Fear Act, SES candidate development programs and other Federal recruitment initiatives, workforce management, outsourcing, and civil rights in general such as monitoring the Government’s service to and treatment of minority Americans and immigrants.

Blacks In Government®

Blacks In Government® , was organized in 1975 and incorporated as a non-profit organization under the District of Columbia jurisdiction in 1976. BIG has been a national response to the need for African Americans in public service to organize around issues of mutual concern and use their collective strength to confront workplace and community issues. BIG’s goals are to promote EQUITY in all aspects of American life, EXCELLENCE in public service, and OPPORTUNITY for all Americans.

National Image

National Image LogoI MAGE was originally founded in 1972 to address the needs of Hispanic employees in the federal government. Later, however, the membership saw a need to expand their activities to serve the needs of Hispanics outside the federal government. The new organization, – National Image – expanded its activities to increase its impact on employment, education and civil rights.

Federally Employed Women

FEW is a private, non-profit organization founded in 1969 shortly after government issued Executive Order 11375 which added sex-discrimination to the list of prohibited discrimination within the Federal Government.

As a private organization, FEW works as a constructive pressure group to improve the status of women employed by the Federal government. This includes contact with Congress to encourage progressive legislation. FEW national officers meet with management officials at all levels of agencies to demonstrate support of the FWP, encourage officials to support the program and to obtain insight on the effectiveness of the FWP at agency and local levels.

Federal Asian Pacific American Council

The Federal Asian Pacific American Council (FAPAC) was founded in 1985. It is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization representing the civilian and military Asian Pacific American (APA) employees in the Federal and District of Columbia governments.

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